Transparent centrally managed encryption for storage solutions, including distributed file systems and the cloud.

ERUCES Tricryption eS provides seamless encryption across complex enterprise infrastructures. Tricryption eS is optimized for server environments, cloud computing and virtual machines.

Tricryption eS allows enterprises with sensitive information to leverage cloud assets while protecting against theft or unauthorized data access by hackers, malicious insiders and managed cloud service providers, while maintaining centralized control over encrypted data.

Tricryption eS unlocks new SaaS and PaaS business models that require positive control over data for regulatory compliance/liability and can offer differentiation through increased customer confidence. 



Operating System Support

• Windows® XP Professional SP3
• Windows 2003 Server
• Windows 2008 Server
• Solaris® 9
• Solaris® 10
• Linux Kernel 2.6





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Download Datasheet



Supports Cloud Architectures

Encrypt data in the public, private and shared clouds.
Comprehensive Big Data Toolkit

Protect all Big Data flows.
At ingest
At rest
Map/Reduce splits
Map/Reduce spills

Support for Distributed File Systems Encrypts data across distributed file systems with central encryption key control.
Seamless Integration Encrypts server application data transparently to services when required.
Dual Cache Security policy determines what services are allowed cipher or clear text access.
High Speed Server Side Encryption Takes advantage of enterprise class hardware, CPU extensions like Intel AES-NI or crypto accelerators.
Policy Enforcement Apply policies across entire infrastructures.
Accurate Compliance-based Reporting Provides detailed, coherent audit of data usage.