Encryption Services and Key Lifecycle Management for
Application Servers and Software Frameworks.

ERUCES Tricryption appServer Agent is a collection of components that provide full-featured encryption and key lifecycle management solutions for application servers and software frameworks.

Tricryption appServer Agent runs on all enterprise platforms, including Windows and Linux kernel  2.6.  Its full suite of industrial-strength encryption APIs, flexible policy language, and distributed implementation scales efficiently to meet performance requirements.

Big Data: Encrypt distributed, large data sets while allowing map reduce functions like data flow and query engines to work.

Database Driven Applications: Increase developer productivity and application security when building new or modernizing existing database driven applications.

Unstructured Data: Encrypt metadata, audio, video, unstructured text at its point of origin.

Structured XML Data: Encrypt with a key per XML node, render data according to key authorization.

Tricryption appServer Agent is necessary to run Tricryption enabled applications production environments.



Native Libraries Supported

• Java® J2SE
• Java J2EE
• C++
• C
• .NET



Application Servers Supported

• Apache Tomcat
• Bea Systems WebLogic®
• IBM WebSphere®
• JBoss ®



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Download Datasheet